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NEW ZEALAND: Labour Party considers Universal Basic Income

Andrew Little at WelTec. Credit to: Stuff.co.nz.   Following the lead of countries like Finland, Netherlands and Canada, New Zealand is now making its first steps towards a basic income. In a recent Stuff news article, Andrew Little, leader of the Labour Party, the second largest party in the New Zealand’s parliament, says Labour is considering a basic income. This

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NEW ZEALAND: Basic Income activists on the rise in New Zealand

Activism for Basic Income (BI) in New Zealand is growing fast and gaining visibility. The new group BINZ – Basic Income New Zealand – is setting up actions to “bring the ‘universal basic income’ to the forefront of New Zealand’s public awareness”. It has been already formalized with an incorporation status under New Zealand law, and submitted an affiliation request

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Geoff Simmons, “Ten Types of People Who Would be Better Off with an Unconditional Basic Income”

Writing from New Zealand, Simmons writes on ten types of people who would especially benefit from a basic income: one income families, caregivers and volunteers, beneficiaries, students, the working poor, people without children, welfare organizations, anyone on infrequent income, anyone chasing their dream, and taxpayers. Geoff Simmons, “Ten Types of People Who Would be Better Off with an Unconditional Basic

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LINK: The New Zealand Universal Income Trust has a new website

The Universal Income Trust, originally set up in 1998 is a non-profit organisation ‘dedicated to the promotion of economic rights’. Their mission statement says their purpose is to ‘educate about the social, environmental, and economic benefits of universal income systems and how they would act as an integral part of any sustainable future’. Universal Income Trust

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NEW ZEALAND: New Organization Promotes Basic Income Through Digital Currency

The organization’s “About” section: “Citizens Online Income New Zealand (COINZ) is a Christchurch-based charitable organization promoting the use of digital currency to alleviate inequality. Two programs we have initiated are the World Citizen Fund, which distributes Bitcoins, and the Kiwicoin program, a digital currency pegged to the NZ dollar and used for basic income.” COINZ homepage can be found here.

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