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Kamerade-Hanta and Bennett, “Rewarding work: cross-national differences in benefits, volunteering during unemployment, well-being and mental health”

“Although individuals can boost one dimension of their own well-being (feeling that their life is worthwhile) by exercising their agency through engaging in work that is an alternative to paid work, such engagement without any financial support can also damage their mental health.”

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Response: Money for nothing

Brookings wrote a short essay about basic income, arguing that it may be a step too far. To me, what has been “too far” is precisely this present day system of oppression, where poverty runs rampant, levels of inequality are breaking records, all while societal and environmental stress reach all-time highs.

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Dissertation on Basic Income as a Means to Promote Mental Health

Sergi Raventós (Autonomous University of Barcelona) recently completed a doctoral thesis on the topic of basic income and mental health. In the dissertation, Raventós — who also works in a mental health foundation in Barcelona and is a member of the board of the Red Renta Básica — examines empirical evidence concerning the effects of direct cash payments (in India, Namibia, North

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