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New book by Louise Haagh: The case for Universal Basic Income

Louise Haagh, presently Reader at the University of York, and Chair of the Basic Income Earth Network (BIEN), just released a new book, through Polity: The case for Universal Basic Income. A summary is featured on the editor’s page: Advocated (and attacked) by commentators across the political spectrum, paying every citizen a basic income regardless of their circumstances sounds utopian.

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Leeds, UK: Louise Haagh at the Café Economique

Louise Haagh (Twitter) On the 5th of March 2019, Basic Income Earth Network’s (BIEN) chair, Louise Haagh, will speak at the Café Economique, in Leeds, UK. The event is called “Basic Income and Democratisation”. Café Economique is an initiative in Leeds, UK, that aims to educate the public about contemporary economic ideas and policies. Inspired by “Café Scientique,” the volunteer

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PORTUGAL: Louise Haagh and Francisco Louçã face off at Lisbon’s Web Summit

Louise Haagh and Francisco Louçã at Lisbon’s Web Summit.   A debate about basic income was set up in this year’s Web Summit, in Lisbon, which occurred during an event named “Talk Robot”, on the 7th of November. Featuring Louise Haagh and Francisco Louçã, both presented at the Conference website, the debate was focused on the pros and cons of

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Louise Haagh: “Basic Income as a pivoting reform”

Louise Haagh   Louise Haagh, an associate professor at the University of York and chair of the Basic Income Earth Network (BIEN), argues in the June Nature that the reform is making inroads internationally today. Nature is one of the world’s top academic journals, claiming an online readership of about 3 million unique readers per month. At the same time,

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BIEN Stories: Louise Haagh

Louise Haagh (BIEN Co-Chair) I first came across basic income in summer of 2001 when instructed about it by Workers’ Party Senator Eduardo Suplicy, at his home in São Paulo. I was doing research on workers’ rights, at the same time undertaking a survey of economic security among residents in poor and middle-income districts (published in World Development, 2011a). Eduardo

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