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LIBYA: CNN editorial suggests “Alaska Solution” to the resource curse

Libya has been a classic case of the resource curse: enormous resource wealth (even on a per-person basis), but instead of prosperity, the windfall has coincided with poverty and political oppression. The new government now has the job of finding a way to lift the curse on Libya. A recent editorial by Kevin Voigt of CNN suggests that one of

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LYBIA: Mouammar Kadhafi pledges to abolish oil ministry and distribute revenues directly to the people

According to Knight Ridder, the Libyan dictator, Colonel Mouammar Kadhafi has pledged to abolish the oil ministry and distribute oil revenues directly to the people. Kadhafi said, according to Reuters, “All citizens have the right to benefit from the oil funds. They should take the money and do whatever they want with it.” He said that the committees that run

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