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International: Rutger Bregman: He is saying out loud what the majority of people is thinking

Rutger Bregman at Davos (2019). Picture credit to: World Economic Forum Rutger Bregman has been hitting the numbers the past few weeks. After a controversial participation at Davos, at the end of January, he went on for a controversial interview on Fox News that never got aired – but got “aired” on Twitter, and watched by more than eleven thousand

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A Partial Basic Income as a Response to our Society Widening Inequality

Picture credit: David Pacey   In an article on Left Foot Forward, Karen Buck MP and Declan Gaffney argue for a partial Basic Income as a more practical option than Universal Basic Income (UBI). With all the different expectations pinned to UBI, arising from its promise to address a wide range of problems going from technological drive unemployment to the

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VIDEO: Phillipe Van Parijs in Seoul

Phillipe Van Parijs was in Seoul, on the 19th of June 2018, presenting a keynote lecture, where Nobel prize economists Joseph Stiglitz and Augus Deaton where present, as well as Peter Hartz, whose name became attached to the Hartz IV reform in Germany. The lecture was entitled “Why Universal Basic Income”, and the event named “The KYUNGHYANG FORUM 2018” with

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Jordan Peterson’s remarks on UBI

Jordan Peterson, cultural critic, psychologist, and member of the Self Authoring online service, gave his remarks on Universal Basic Income. His concerns seem to be largely drawn from a similar issue critics have with the idea, primarily in the face of leisure time: will people become lazy and unmotivated? Can people handle a life with none of the traditional burdens

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Internet entrepreneur Marc Benioff: “we need to look at universal basic income” to stimulate growth

In a Fortune Insiders article published last month, Internet entrepreneur Marc Benioff says we “need to look at universal basic income” as a way to stimulate growth. Marc Benioff is the founder, chairman and CEO of Salesforce, one of America’s highest valued cloud computing companies and the largest employer in San Francisco, California.  A celebrated philanthropist, Benioff and Salesforce contribute

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Catalonia (Spain): Catalonian Economy and Tax Office presents profound study on social policies, featuring basic income

(Image: Barcelona, “Queen” of the Mediterranean)   In the Spanish region of Catalonia, serious efforts are being made to reduce poverty and to reduce inequalities. Last week, on the 17th of November, the Catalan Economy and Tax Office presented a thorough study on social policies, which includes the contributions of 30 academics and other experts and technicians.   The document

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