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International Labour Organization: Universal Basic Income proposals in light of ILO standards – Key issues and global costing

Credit Picture: CC(Billy Wilson) The International Labour Organization published a paper investigating Universal Basic Income (UBI) proposals in light of ILO standards. With the ILO Social Protection Floors Recommendation (No. 202) providing relevant guidelines for the discussion on the adoption on UBI, namely: “(i) adequacy and predictability of Universal Basic Income (UBI) benefits to ensure income security, set at least

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The International Labour Organisation’s analysis of social transfers worldwide augurs well for a Citizen’s Income in the context of middle and low-income countries

To support its campaign on the global extension of social security, in 2008 the International Labour Organisation (ILO) undertook a study of 126 research reports on tax-financed social transfer programmes (STs) operating worldwide. 62 programmes from 30 developing countries were analysed. These STs reach between 300 and 350 million beneficiaries – children, working adults, and elderly people – and represent

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