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Pro-BI book becomes best-seller in Germany

1000 Euro for everyone. Freedom. Equality. Basic Income is the title of a new book (€1.000 für Jeden: Freiheit. Gleichheit. Grundeinkommen in the original) by Götz W. Werner and Adrienne Goehler, published in August 2010. According to the Amazon.de website it is currently in place No. 1,563 of all books being sold, but in the category ‘Social Justice’ it is

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GERMANY: Green Party leader proposes Basic Income

The German Government has proposed a modest increase for the means-tested minimum income scheme, in reaction to a recent decision of the Federal Constitutional Court. In a reaction to the government’s plan, Sven Lehmann – chairman of the Greens (Bündnis 90/Die Grünen) in the Region of Nordrhein-Westfalen – proposed the introduction of a basic income of 850€, which should replace

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GERMANY: Network promotes EU-Wide referendum on Basic Income

On June 17, 2010, Netzwerk Grundeinkommen in Germany together with the Austrian basic income network and Attac-Austria launched their European Citizens Initiative for Basic Income project and website (http://www.basicincomeinitiative.eu/). The main goal of the project is to find potential supporters for a future EU referendum for the introduction of a basic income. More countries are expected to join the project

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GERMANY: Commission to study citizen's income

Four years ago the former Governor of the Free State of Thuringia, Christian-Democrat Dieter Althaus, proposed his concept of Solidarisches Bürgergeld (solidary citizen’s income). The concept is based on an individual and unconditional basic income of EUR 600 per month for every citizen aged 14 or more (and EUR 300 per child paid to the parents), coupled with a basic

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GERMANY: high court demands a “dignified minimum” for all citizens

The German Constitutional Court ruled last February that current welfare policies are unconstitutional because they do not meet a standard of “dignified minimum.” The government is now discussing revisions of its welfare policies to meet that standard. The outcome is not likely to be exactly a basic income guarantee, but it does seem that the German Constitutional Court believes that

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GERMANY: Basic Income Movement Gains Strength

The basic income movement has gained strength in Germany recently. It is even gaining popularity among members of the right-of-center Christian Democrat Party. According to City Journal, Dieter Althaus, the former premier of the German state of Thuringia, leads a growing block of Christian Democrats who believe that basic income is the only way that Germany can meet its constitutional

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