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Finland: Governmental announcement for the basic income experiment: the ministry’s comments, experts’ concerns

As we’ve already reported here, Finland’s Ministry of Social Affairs and Health has announced their most recent move in a plan to launch a basic income experiment. On 25th August the Ministry canvassed for the Finnish public’s opinion on a bill regarding a basic income experiment. Here is a follow up with the Ministry’s comments and experts’ responses. Liisa Siika-aho, director,

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S. Gobetti, L. Santini: The Crisis of Labour, Widespread Precarity and Basic Income

Article by Luca Santini and Sandro Gobetti (BIN Italia), published on Cadmus journal Vol. 2 Issue 6 may 2016. Abstract A feeling of uncertainty about the future as well as the perception that the past classical securities are gone are widely spread among people. Criticism or disaffection affects the majority of the traditional political forces of the European continent. It is not possible to talk about

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What should the level of basic income be in 24 European & OECD countries?

The level of Basic Income (BI) is a matter of heated debate in discussions of BI for national implementation, investigating the level at which BI would be ‘high enough’. There is also growing dispute regarding ‘partial’ vs. ’full’ BI. This was the central topic of investigation at this year’s BI conference in Maastricht in January. The following calculations, using a

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