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EUROPEAN UNION: Citizens Initiative for Basic Income in Europe

On Thursday, August 11, the Future European Network Academy for Social Movements in Freiburg, Germany held a workshop to discuss a European Citizens Initiative (ECI) for the introduction of the guaranteed Basic Income in Europe. Organizers hope to produce a text in a special meeting in October 2011 in Vienna and then begin gathering the signatures of persons which want

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TAMPERE (Finland), May 16th-17th, 2011: University of Tampere international workshop on “Universal Basic Income as a European Alternative”

This day-long workshop discussed issues such as the “Philosophical Foundations of Justice and Basic Income,” “UBI in the Context of National Social Security and Employment Systems,” “Economics and Labour Market Effects of UBI,” and “Policy Proposals on UBI.” Participants included a wide variety of researchers from around Europe. Johanna Perkiö organized the conference as the kick-start of a major research

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EUROPEAN UNION: EU-Parliament in favour of adequate minimum income

In October 2010, the Parliament of the European Union has adopted a non-legislative resolution on the role of minimum income in combating poverty and promoting an inclusive society in Europe, partly thanks to the lobbying by several European Basic Income groups and networks, as well as by the European Anti-Poverty Network (EAPN). The resolution was adopted by 437 votes to

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Pro-BI book becomes best-seller in Germany

1000 Euro for everyone. Freedom. Equality. Basic Income is the title of a new book (€1.000 für Jeden: Freiheit. Gleichheit. Grundeinkommen in the original) by Götz W. Werner and Adrienne Goehler, published in August 2010. According to the Amazon.de website it is currently in place No. 1,563 of all books being sold, but in the category ‘Social Justice’ it is

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EUROPEAN UNION: Wider support for a minimum income guarantee

For a few years, the European Anti-Poverty Network (EAPN) has been actively supporting EU-legislation in favour of a (means-tested) minimum income in all EU member-states. Three Member States currently do not have Minimum Income schemes in place: Greece, Italy, and Hungary. In Sepember 2010, EAPN launched a concrete proposal for an EU framework Directive on “Adequate Minimum Income”. Article 1

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