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Germany: Interview with German Parliamentary Candidate Felix Coeln

By Jason Burke Murphy US Basic Income Guarantee Network Coming up on September 24th, Germany will be holding national parliamentary elections. A new “single-issue-party” will be on the ballot in every state, the “Alliance for Basic Income” (Bundnis Grundeinkommen). If this party gets five percent of the vote or more, they will have five percent or more of votes in

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Brazil: Eduardo Suplicy elected as a councilman in São Paulo

(Eduardo Suplicy. Credit to: Folha de São Paulo) On October 2, the headline of the newspaper read: “With 301 thousand votes, Suplicy is the most voted councilman in São Paulo.” This news is significant for two reasons. First, because São Paulo is a city of 12 million inhabitants – more populous than the whole country of Portugal – and, second,

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