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Precarious Generation, a research in three European countries

A new research carried out for the European project PIE* News Commonfare, which involved three European countries (Croatia, Italy and Holland), has just been released. In this research, several questions have been asked. How has the precarious workers lives have changed? Between unhappiness and potentiality, between fragility and autonomy, between self-exploitation and freedom? How did it turn out to be,

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EUROPEAN UNION: Slovenia becomes second country to reach the target signatures for the Basic Income European Citizens Initiative

[Craig Axford] On October 24th, Slovenia joined Croatia to become the second EU nation reaching the required number of signatures on the Basic Income Initiative in Europe.  If the initiative receives one million signatures and receives the required level of support in at least seven EU member nations, the EU will evaluate a basic income guarantee in Europe. For more

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Savudrija (HR), 21 July 2012: Young European Socialists debate basic income

ECOSY (the European Community Organisation of Socialist Youth) hosted a public debate on basic income at a seminar in a summer camp on July 21 in Savudrija, Croatia. ECOSY is the umbrella organization of the youth wings of the socialist and social democratic parties of Europe. David Lizoain, Secretary for Europe and the Economy of the Socialist Youth of Spain,

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