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Sam Harris and Charles Murray discuss Universal Basic Income on “The Waking Up Podcast” episode #73

On episode #73 of “The Waking Up Podcast”, host Sam Harris discusses the potential merits of Universal Basic Income with political science researcher and author Charles Murray. The conversation begins at 1:52:22. Harris opens by describing Universal Basic Income (UBI) as “a possible remedy for the increasing role automation is playing in this economy”. Murray, who wrote a book called

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Basic Income Debate on Intelligence Squared

Intelligence Squared U.S. (IQ2US), a debate program moderated by ABC News, will air an episode on basic income on Wednesday, March 22, 6:45-8:30 PM ET. Four noted guests–Andrew Stern, Charles Murray, Jason Furman, and Jared Bernstein–will debate the question “Is the universal basic income the safety net of the future?” The event will be staged live at the Kaufman Center

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Zwolinski: Basic income helps ‘protect freedom’

One of the most visible libertarian advocates of the basic income is Dr. Matt Zwolinski. Zwolinski is a professor of philosophy at the University of San Diego and has written extensively on the libertarian case for the basic income. In my interview with Zwolinski, he said a basic income “can help protect the freedom of certain vulnerable people,” although he recognizes there

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