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Italy: “Notebooks for income QR9” – Big Data, WebFare and Basic Income

Basic Income Network Italia (BIN Italia) has released a new editorial production. Titled “QR9 (Quaderni per il Reddito) – Notebooks for Income: Big Data, WebFare and basic income for all! We are on the net, we produce value, we want basic income“, it’s freely accessible over the Internet. This publication (March 2019) features 16 authors, offering different perspectives thanks to

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UNITED STATES: Ex-CIA officer Bryan Wright proposes data mining royalties

Former CIA officer Bryan Dean Wright says that the “smart spies” all recognized that, within the lifetimes, many would be “out of a job, too old to re-train, or struggling in a ‘shared economy’” due to automation. In an article in Congress Blog, the “forum for lawmakers and policy professionals” at The Hill, Wright describes the problem and proposes a

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