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An Interview with Dr. Kate McFarland (Part Two)

Earlier in the year, Basic Income News reporter Scott Jacobsen spoke to Basic Income News reporter Kate McFarland about her background and influences. This is a continuation of Part One.   You mentioned valuing clarity of writing, for readers to have correct inferences. Any advice for BI writers? That is, those that want clear writing and to avoid the statistical probability of

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BIEN: The report from the General Assembly

As previously reported, the 2016 BIEN Congress was held in Seoul, South Korea from July 7-9. The General Assembly (GA) was held on the last day of the congress, at which several important decisions were made, including the following: 1) BIEN now a legally chartered institution At the 2014 congress, the GA mandated the Executive Committee (EC) of BIEN to

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UNITED STATES: Jason Murphy talks about basic income on the David Pakman Show

On December 11, anti-poverty activist and scholar Jason Burke Murphy appeared on the popular David Pakman Show to discuss basic income and how to implement it in the United States. Murphy is assistant professor at Elms College. He serves on the National Committee of the U.S. Basic Income Guarantee Network and the BIEN Executive Committee. The conversation touched on the

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MONTREAL, QUEBEC, CANADA: Keynote Speakers Announced for the 15th BIEN Congress in June, 2014

[July 26, 2013 – The Basic Income Canada Network / Reseau Canadien Pour Le Revenu Garanti] The Basic Income Canada Network / Reseau Canadien Pour Le Revenu Garanti (BICN) has announced some of the keynote speakers for the Fifteenth Congress of the Basic Income Earth Network (BIEN). BIEN has held a Congress every second year since 1986. The 2014 congress

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BIEN Congress: June 26-29, 2014

The Fifteenth International Congress of the Basic Income Earth Network will take place in Montreal, Quebec on June 26-29, 2014. The Basic Income Canada Network (known in French as Reseau Canadien Pour Le Revenu Garanti) will host the Congress. The theme of the Congress will be “Re-Democratizing the Economy.” More details about the Congress will be released gradually over the

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BIEN offically recognizes three new affiliate networks

During its general assembly of September 16th, 2012, the Basic Income Earth Network has officially recognized three new affiliate networks. BIEN now has no less than 20 affiliates. The three new BIEN national networks are all located in Europe: Belgium: http://basicincome.be/ (available in Dutch, French, German, and English) Finland: http://perustulo.org/ Slovenia: contact address is valerija_korosec@yahoo.com (see also the programme of

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