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AUSTRALIA: Productivity Commission report tentatively broaches BI

The Productivity Commission of the Australian Government has released a research paper entitled ‘Digital Disruption: What do governments need to do?‘ on 15th June 2016. The paper looks at the role of government in the face of ‘potentially disruptive technological change.’ A universal basic income is refereed as a long term consideration: While Australia’s tax and transfer system will continue to play

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AUSTRALIA: Pirate Party endorses basic income

The Australian Pirate Party has officially endorsed a “basic income policy” (more precisely, a negative income tax), according to an announcement published on June 14th, 2016. In the announcement, Sam Kearns and Darren McIntosh — New South Wales senate candidates from Pirate Party Australia — elaborate on the need for a basic income, focusing on concerns about automation, the “inefficient, patronising

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Newsabe, “Cold, Hard Cash: How does free $800 every month sound?”

In this post the author discusses reasons for adopting a basic income, focusing on a possible implementation in Australia.  Momentum is building for a basic income in Australia, and the author is optimistic it could help safeguard Australians from automation and protect them from poverty. “Cold, Hard Cash: How does free $800 every month sound?”, Newsabe, 2016.

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AUSTRALIA: Second Basic Income Group Emerges

Australia’s BIEN affiliate, Basic Income Guarantee Australia, is no longer the only established group promoting a basic income in the country.  A new group, Basic Income Australia, is holding its first meetup in Sydney on January 21st.  Citing that innovation now holds a central role in Australian government, Joffre Balce and Shane Greenup will speak at this first meetup to

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SYDNEY, Australia: Basic Innovation Guarantee Meetup

A Sydney meetup group has formed to discuss the connection between basic income and innovation in Australia. The basic innovation guarantee meetup will take place on January 21st, 2016. The group’s meetup page summarizes their first event in the following text: “Now that Innovation is the focal point of Australian Politics, it is time to explore how a Guaranteed Basic

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