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AUSTRALIA: Group within Labor Left pushing for UBI

Photo: Paul Miller A group within NSW Labor’s Left faction has called a set of motions to advance a universal basic income in Australia. The Left faction’s economic committee has been instrumental in driving the initiative along with key proponent, Luke Whitington, the deputy chair of the Left’s economic policy committee and an adviser to Senator Doug Cameron. The motions

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Gideon Haigh, “Basic income for all: a 500-year-old idea whose time has come?”

Gideon Haigh is a journalist who writes mainly about sports and business. In this article, Haigh explores a welfare system of a future in which, as he claims many argue, work will be increasingly flexible, casual, various and scarce. Haigh discusses three possibilities for Australia; universal basic income (UBI), negative income tax and targeted cash transfers, with most of the

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Gigi Foster, “Universal basic income: the dangerous idea of 2016”

Credit to The Conversation Universal basic income (UBI) has gain traction in the developed world. Some citizens in Australia support it. Gigi Foster, Associate Professor in the School of Economics at University of New South Wales, said, “…while good in theory, it’s no panacea for the challenges of our modern economy.” That is, UBI is gaining traction in the developed

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