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BIEN offically recognizes three new affiliate networks

During its general assembly of September 16th, 2012, the Basic Income Earth Network has officially recognized three new affiliate networks. BIEN now has no less than 20 affiliates. The three new BIEN national networks are all located in Europe: Belgium: (available in Dutch, French, German, and English) Finland: Slovenia: contact address is (see also the programme of

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Savudrija (HR), 21 July 2012: Young European Socialists debate basic income

ECOSY (the European Community Organisation of Socialist Youth) hosted a public debate on basic income at a seminar in a summer camp on July 21 in Savudrija, Croatia. ECOSY is the umbrella organization of the youth wings of the socialist and social democratic parties of Europe. David Lizoain, Secretary for Europe and the Economy of the Socialist Youth of Spain,

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Belfast (UK), 7 June 2012: Justice through unconditional basic income? A debate on European Social Policy

The European Foundation Centre (EFC) is holding its 23rd annual general assembly and conference in Belfast this year, and the topic of the conference is “Peace for Social Justice – A Role for Foundations?” As one of 236 EFC members from 40 countries around the world,the Koerber Foundation is organising a session about social justice and basic income: “Justice through

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EUROPE: Call for Contributions: Basic Income Research Project

Pertti Koistinen (Professor of Work and Labor Market Policies) from the UNIVERSITY OF TAMPERE, Finland announces a call for contributions to the project. To find out the feasibility of basic income as a social policy reform and an alternative to the failure of prevailing social security systems to prevent working age population from poverty and safeguard the basic social rights

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BLASCHKE, Ronald, OTTO, Adeline & SCHEPERS, Norbert (Eds.) (2010), Grundeinkommen : Geschichte – Modelle – Debatten

BLASCHKE, Ronald, OTTO, Adeline & SCHEPERS, Norbert (Eds.) (2010), Grundeinkommen : Geschichte – Modelle – Debatten, Berlin: Dietz, 2010. The book, written by Germanys leading left-wing basic income supporters Ronald Blaschke, Adeline Otto and Katja Kipping, includes a detailed history of the idea of basic income as well as an overview about minimum income and basic income models, which are

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