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Europe’s New Social Reality: the Case Against Universal Basic Income

The 2017 publication Europe’s New Social Reality: the Case Against Universal Basic Income by Sage and Diamond – which can be downloaded from Policy Network online – cites an earlier 2015 Policy Network report which was most concerned about a “growing social, economic and political divergence” developing between the EU nations.  In particular, the 2015 report suggested that slow economic

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SUMMARY: Guy Standing, “The Corruption of Capitalism: Why rentiers thrive and work does not pay”

Guy Standing has published a new book that became available on July 14, 2016, published by BiteBack.  The book notes that the implications of the Age of Rentier Capitalism go beyond the economic sphere as the plutocracy fund and influence political parties, while media ownership is concentrated in the hands of a few powerful individuals.The Corruption of Capitalism shows why, in the

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BIN Italia: free online ebook QR3 [Notebooks on Basic Income]

Bin Italia, the italian basic income network has released a new editorial production. It’s available online for free: QR3 – Income for Notebooks. “It takes a guaranteed basic income!” This publication nº3 (April 2016) features 24 authors and 150 pages. It offers different perspectives thanks to the variety of articles by several italian authors.  As reported from the back cover: “The discourse on guaranteed basic income in Italy requires

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