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Book review of “The War on Normal People”

The War on Normal People: The Truth About America’s Disappearing Jobs and Why Universal Basic Income Is Our Future By Andrew Yang, Hachette Books; 304 pages Review by Karl Widerquist NOTE: This article is reprinted from Delphi – Interdisciplinary Review of Emerging Technologies. The original article and citation is: Widerquist, K., “Book Review ∙ The War on Normal People: The

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Book Review: Undoing Work, Rethinking Community

Dr. James Chamberlain, of Mississippi State University’s Department of Political Science and Public Administration, published Undoing Work, Rethinking Community in February 2018. Basic Income News previously published a book announcement, which lists other reviews of this work. Chamberlain’s book explores universal basic income (UBI), which he calls unconditional basic income, as a potential step on the way from a “work society,” in which

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Europe’s New Social Reality: the Case Against Universal Basic Income

The 2017 publication Europe’s New Social Reality: the Case Against Universal Basic Income by Sage and Diamond – which can be downloaded from Policy Network online – cites an earlier 2015 Policy Network report which was most concerned about a “growing social, economic and political divergence” developing between the EU nations.  In particular, the 2015 report suggested that slow economic

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