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BERLIN (DE), May 2011: Strategies towards an alternative society

Academics, activists and practitioners will meet in Berlin in may to work on strategies towards an alternative, ecologically sustainable and socially equitable degrowth society. Not only will a lot of Basic Income supporters take part in the congress, but Netzwerk Grundeinkommen will present workshops as well. Already Barcelona’s 2010 declaration of degrowth dealt with Basic Income.,

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Pro-BI book becomes best-seller in Germany

1000 Euro for everyone. Freedom. Equality. Basic Income is the title of a new book (€1.000 für Jeden: Freiheit. Gleichheit. Grundeinkommen in the original) by Götz W. Werner and Adrienne Goehler, published in August 2010. According to the website it is currently in place No. 1,563 of all books being sold, but in the category ‘Social Justice’ it is

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Institute for Fiscal Studies

The Institute for Fiscal Studies has published Universal Credit: A Preliminary Analysis. Their researchers write: ‘Our empirical analysis in Sections 4 and 5 illustrates well the constraints all governments face when contemplating radical welfare reform. Universal Credit will strengthen financial work incentives for some, as intended, but weaken them for others. In general, incentives to work will be strengthened for

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NAMUR (BE), 31 March 2011: Conference on the Universal Grant

This conference on basic income (“allocation universelle”, or universal grant, in French) was organized by the Walloon federation of social assistance services (CPAS) and the Union of Walloon cities (UVCW). A panel of four speakers discussed the idea. Two proponents of basic income, Philippe Defeyt (Green Party and head of a social assistance service) and Yannick Vanderborght (Hoover Chair, UCLouvain),

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SUZUKI, Masahiko, March 2011, “Would they be lazier or work harder given free money?; The Namibia BIG Pilot Project and the Possibility of Basic Income as a Strategy of Social Cooperation”

Journal of Political Science and Sociology, No. 14 ABSTRACT: This paper charts the impact research conducted in the Namibia Basic Income Pilot Project 2008-2009 and draws a complementary report on the success of BI schemes, particularly highlighting the issues of human capital development. The discussion goes on as follows. First, a profile of current Namibia is reviewed. Second, the paper

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GAWITH, Andrew, Mar 8, 2011, “Policy on welfare in need of inspiration”

The New Zealand Herald This opinion piece suggests that an integrated basic income and flat income tax would improve new Zealand’s tax and benefit system. The author is the director of Gareth Morgan Investments, an investment manager and superannuation provider. The article is online at:

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