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Italy: Luca Santini, President of Basic Income Network Italy has passed away

Tuesday, 30th July, after a quick, aggressive and ruthless illness, Luca Santini (43), has passed away. For over a decade he had been President of the Basic Income Network Italia (BIN Italia), an association for basic income for which he had enthusiastically contributed to as a Board Committee member. He had been championing over twenty years of study, writing, action

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Erik Olin Wright, influential sociologist and long-term Basic Income advocate, announces he has only weeks to live (Update: Wright passed away on January 23)

Erik Olin Wright

Erik Olin Wright, a long-term advocate of Universal Basic Income and one of the most influential sociologists today, recently announced that his doctors have advised him that he has only a few weeks left to live. (Update: he passed away on January 23.) He is best known for his work on social stratification, egalitarian alternative futures to capitalism, deep democracy,

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OBITUARY: Professor Krustyo Petkov

Professor Krustyo Petkov, a prominent Basic Income advocate in Bulgaria and the former Chairman of the Confederation of Independent Trade Unions, passed away on the night of Friday, 23 December, after a painful illness. In the past years the professor struggled with cancer but continued to work. Krustyo Petkov Petkov is a Bulgarian scholar and politician, chairman of the United

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UNITED STATES: Detroit activist Grace Lee Boggs dies at 100, she endorsed city-level universal basic income

Celebrated Chinese-American community activist, writer and philosopher Grace Lee Boggs died in her house in Detroit, Michigan, on Monday, October 5. She turned 100 in June this year. Her vision of a community-driven socialist alternative to capitalism resonates well with some of the concerns of the basic income movement. While basic income was not a central theme in her work,

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