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OBITUARY: Professor Krustyo Petkov

Professor Krustyo Petkov, a prominent Basic Income advocate in Bulgaria and the former Chairman of the Confederation of Independent Trade Unions, passed away on the night of Friday, 23 December, after a painful illness. In the past years the professor struggled with cancer but continued to work. Krustyo Petkov Petkov is a Bulgarian scholar and politician, chairman of the United

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UNITED STATES: Detroit activist Grace Lee Boggs dies at 100, she endorsed city-level universal basic income

Celebrated Chinese-American community activist, writer and philosopher Grace Lee Boggs died in her house in Detroit, Michigan, on Monday, October 5. She turned 100 in June this year. Her vision of a community-driven socialist alternative to capitalism resonates well with some of the concerns of the basic income movement. While basic income was not a central theme in her work,

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SCOTLAND: Obituary and Commemorative Conference for Alisa McKay

Professor Alisa McKay had been a feminist and a vocal advocate of BIG. She was not only a good academic but also a good campaigner. She died 5th March 2014. An obituary by Anne Miller is published in “Citizen’s Income Newsletter, Issue 2, 2014”. The commemorative conference for her took place in 22 and 23 January 2015, at Glasgow Caledonian

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