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ALASKA: 2011 Dividends safe as the APF rides financial roller coaster

The Alaska Permanent Fund (APF) ended its fiscal year on June 30, 2011 with a total value of over $40 billion. The APF is the Sovereign Wealth fund that finances Alaska’s partial basic income, known as the Permanent Fund Dividend (PFD). The fund made back all its loses since the 2008 financial meltdown and realized a gain of more than

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MONGOLIA: Government takes steps toward implementing an Alaskan-style BIG

The coalition government of Mongolia is taking steps to make good on promises made in the 2008 election to introduce an Alaska-style resource dividend. Mongolia is a large, sparsely populated land-locked country sandwiched between Russian and China. About half of its citizens still live as nomadic herders. Most of the land in the country is unowned: herders can camp anywhere

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EUROPEAN UNION: Citizens Initiative for Basic Income in Europe

On Thursday, August 11, the Future European Network Academy for Social Movements in Freiburg, Germany held a workshop to discuss a European Citizens Initiative (ECI) for the introduction of the guaranteed Basic Income in Europe. Organizers hope to produce a text in a special meeting in October 2011 in Vienna and then begin gathering the signatures of persons which want

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NAMIBIA: BIG can benefit orphans and vulnerable children

According to the article “BIG can benefit orphans and vulnerable children”, which was witten by Johanna Absalom and published on 8. July 2011 in the Namibian Economist, Dr Henry Platt, executive director of the Church Alliance for Orphans and Vulnerable Children (CAFO), said: BIG provides an answer to the national crisis of poverty and unemployment, which in turn, affects the

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SOUTH AFRICA: Open letter: Dear ANC – why not nationalise the government?

The ANC needs to focus on getting the basics right: instead of calling for nationalisation, the party should be creating a government for the nation. In this open letter JUSTINE LIMPITLAW offers some practical suggestions about what the ANC must do to make South Africa work. Within the text: I suppose the calls for nationalisation (and this from a man

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