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NAMIBIA: BIG can benefit orphans and vulnerable children

According to the article “BIG can benefit orphans and vulnerable children”, which was witten by Johanna Absalom and published on 8. July 2011 in the Namibian Economist, Dr Henry Platt, executive director of the Church Alliance for Orphans and Vulnerable Children (CAFO), said: BIG provides an answer to the national crisis of poverty and unemployment, which in turn, affects the

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SOUTH AFRICA: Open letter: Dear ANC – why not nationalise the government?

The ANC needs to focus on getting the basics right: instead of calling for nationalisation, the party should be creating a government for the nation. In this open letter JUSTINE LIMPITLAW offers some practical suggestions about what the ANC must do to make South Africa work. Within the text: I suppose the calls for nationalisation (and this from a man

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SWITZERLAND: National Council rejects Basic Income Initiative

According to “Neue Zürcher Zeitung” (NZZ), the National Council of Switzerland has rejected an unconditional Basic Income. On Friday, June 17, 2011, the Council overwhelmingly rejected the parliamentary initiative of Josef Zisyadis and Katharina Prelicz-Huber. The majority had the opinion that an unconditional Basic Income would have too many risks: The social security system would offer a good safety net,

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GERMANY: Paid advertisement announces group’s position on Basic Inome

The Initiative New Social Market economy (INSM), “Initiative Neue Soziale Marktwirtschaft” in German, was founded in the year 2000 by the German employers’ federation “Gesamtmetall” and follows the aim, according to its own statements, to spread its regulatory ideas among decision makers and the public. Its methods is contentious as it maintains close contacts to mass medias and used embedded

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Basic Income Studies (BIS) is the first academic journal dedicated to research on basic income. Each year it awards a prize for the best English-language essay presented at the following conferences: BIEN on even years and NA-BIG on the odd years. The winning essay and runner-up are published in BIS. The winning essay for 2010 was Hamid Tabatabai, for his

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The Earth Rights Institute’s has created an online Course & Training Program in Land Rights and Land Value Capture. According to the institute: “This is a great way to learn about Earth Rights Policies. … Thereafter you are eligible to partner with us on policy research and implementation projects for your city/country. There are currently more than 500 people enrolled

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