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Basic Income for All: a Real Utopia (Italian)

In the smoking ruins of the wage-based society, facing a global crisis of civilization, and before the full blown bankruptcy of neoliberal policies, Basic Income for All is the watchword providing a way of escape through the setting up of a new social project. A new social project that is able to create a society eventually based on the ideas of the “right of existence”, the freedom of choice, the freedom to create, the distribution of wealth and the equal dignity for all. The authors of this anthology, gathered together by Bin Italy – the Italian Association for the Guaranteed Income – are completely convinced of it. Through a radical insight and a reckless theoretical attitude, the idea of the Income of Citizenship is analysed by using a plurality of approaches and disciplines – the result is a multifaceted, rich and cogent framework. An essential book to cope with the challenges of our time, free from any bias.

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Harada, Yutaka (2010), “Basic Income will eliminate poverty: A Basic Income for All rather than Welfare Benefits”

The author presents a BI scheme which pays every adults (between 20 and 64 years old) 70,000 JPY (around 84 USD) a month without tests on means, work willingness, dependents. He argues that it is financially affordable by cutting off a half of the budgets for useless public works, aids for farmers and minor businesses, and abolishing the present welfare benefit system not covering the real needy. He offers counterarguments against expected criticisms.

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CLARK, Simon (2008): A basic income for Russia?

ABSTRACT: The idea of a basic or citizens’ income rests on the principle that everyone is entitled to the resources which make possible at least a minimum standard of subsistence. This principle is well-established in those countries, particularly in Europe, with a developed welfare state tradition, although its implementation, even in those countries, is surrounded by qualifications centered on the obligation of able-bodied citizens to work and the restriction of public assistance to those who can prove their need for support, which are monitored by an enormous inhuman and incompetent bureaucratic apparatus of inspection, regulation and control.

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L'HIRONDELLE, C.A., May 27, 2011: “Crapitalism: Definition and Cure”

The title clearly indicates the author’s feelings about an unregulated market economy. One of the cures L’Hirondelle proposes is a basic income. She writes, “A sudden ‘no money for anyone’ path would be highly disruptive and risky. In contrast, ‘money for all’ via a universal livable income implemented in each country in the world would at least create the possibility of a peaceful transition from a crapitalist to a livable economy.”

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LITTLE, Mat, May 2011, “Economic crisis and post-capitalism: Mat Little interviews the economist Harry Shutt about economic crisis and the left alternative.”

Red Pepper Describe by Little as “an economist who occupies the dissident edge of his profession” Shutt is the author of A New Democracy and The Decline of Capitalism. In this interview, Harry Shutt endorses basic income. Answering the question, “You think a citizens’ income is essential. Why?” Shutt replies, “Given the ever growing global surplus of labour noted above,

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