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Basic Income on BBC Newshour Extra

Basic Income was the focus of the March 5 episode of BBC’s Newshour Extra, a weekly podcast hosted by British journalist Owen Bennett Jones. The episode, entitled “Money For Nothing?”, features a distinguished panel of four experts on the topic: Guy Standing, professor at the University of London and founder of the Basic Income Earth Network; Rutger Bregman, Dutch reporter

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AUDIO: On Point with Tom Ashbrook, “Time for a Guaranteed Basic Income?”

Tom Ashbrook’s radio show On Point at WBUR Radio in Boston held an hour-long discussion on basic income on January 14, 2016. Ashbrook invited four guests onto his show to discuss some of the key topics for discussion in the basic income debate, including technological unemployment, income inequality, work disincentives, and previous pilot projects. His guests were Karl Widerquist, co-chair

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PODCAST: Vox, “We know how to eliminate poverty. So why don’t we?”

News media website Vox recently began a weekly podcast named The Weeds that dives into deep public policy discussions surrounding politics today.  In their episode released today, Matt Yglesias and Sarah Kliff, two regulars on the show, welcomed guest host Dylan Matthews, a Vox contributor who has written extensively on basic income previously. Matt, Sarah, and Dylan discuss basic income for

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AUDIO: City Hall, “Has the Time Come for Universal Basic Income?”

From their website: “Universal basic income—the idea that people should be paid simply for being alive—is gaining attention in many different sectors. It is being talked about by right-wing libertarians and far-left socialists, by high-tech venture capitalists and inside-the-Beltway think tanks. But is it really feasible in the United States? If so, how, and when? This discussion occurred at Civic

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