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Hillel Steiner, “A philosopher’s take on Global Basic Income”

Hillel Steiner. Credit to: Festival 800.   Hillel Steiner, Emeritus Professor of Political Philosophy at the University of Manchester and writing on Know It All says that an unconditional basic income (UBI) funded by land value taxation (LVT) may create consensus among Left and Right political parties. Steiner, author of the prize-winning book “An Essay on Rights” writes: “Opportunities to

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Financial Times: “Why Facebook should pay us a Basic Income” by John Thornhill

On August 7th, veteran writer and Innovation Editor at the Financial Times, John Thornhill, wrote an article entitled “Why Facebook should pay us a Basic Income”. In the article, Thornhill argues that Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg should put his money where his mouth is and dole out a Basic Income to its users. In July, Zuckerberg visited Alaska and raved about

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Dom Galeonand Abby Norman, “Universal Basic Income Could Become a Reality Thanks to this Technology”

In the last few years, cryptocurrencies have been proliferating. Some have even been created specifically for Basic Income. According to Dom Galeon and Abby Norman, who are the authors of an article called Universal Basic Income Could Become a Reality Thanks to this Technology in the emagazine Futurism, cryptocurrencies are mined from a decentralized system of ledgers and transactions known

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United States: Standing, in Moon magazine interview, says nearly half of world population misled by right-wing politicians

Guy Standing. Credit to: Lighthouse.   Guy Standing, co-founder of Bien and a University of London professor, in an interview for the Moon magazine says people with a precarious future are preyed upon by right-wing politicians. Neo-liberal economic policies, “globalization, automation, and outsourcing” have, according to Standing, created a large and rising number of precariats (estimated as 40-50% of world

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Johanna Perkio, “The OECD and the problems of basic income”

The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), a major international economic body, has issued a policy brief paper questioning the value of basic income. In a blog post for Kela, the Finnish government agency in charge of benefits and the nation’s basic income experiment, Johanna Perkio considers whether the OECD’s analysis of the issue is comprehensive. Perkio is a

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HISTORY of UBI: From Hunter-Gatherers to the 21st Century

Investopedia published an article in May this year, “The Long, Weird History of Basic Income – And Why It’s Back” In this article, written by David Floyd, the history of support of UBI is described from the period of hunter-gatherer societies and how the networks in those societies took care of people who could not provide themselves with a basic standard

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