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Basic Income: Tradeoffs and Bottom Lines

This paper represents a massive undertaking by both University of Melbourne Australia faculty and an independent agency called the the Brotherhood of St. Laurence dedicated to social Justice.  It looks at a collection of BI pilot projects, as well as other projects which can be considered close approximations of a BI, from around the world.  Government projects which have been

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FEPS Young Academics Network: “Beyond Basic Income: Overcoming the Crisis of Social Democracy?”

“We conclude that the policy cannot be suggested as a solution to the crises of work and social reproduction, at least not without being complemented by a range of other measures. A suite of reforms could strengthen its impact and ensure it is used to nurture and preserve positive social relations that reflect social democratic ideas.”

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Louise Haagh: “Basic Income as a pivoting reform”

Louise Haagh   Louise Haagh, an associate professor at the University of York and chair of the Basic Income Earth Network (BIEN), argues in the June Nature that the reform is making inroads internationally today. Nature is one of the world’s top academic journals, claiming an online readership of about 3 million unique readers per month. At the same time,

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Malcolm Torry: “A variety of indicators evaluated for two implementation methods for a Citizen’s Basic Income”

Malcolm Torry. Credit to: The Back Road Café   In a partnership between the Citizen’s Income Trust and the London School of Economics, Malcolm Torry, Director of the Citizen’s Income Trust and General Manager of BIEN, authors and presents a new study on the implementation of a basic income in the UK.   This study, referred to as a working

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