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LINCOLN (UK), 4-6 July 2011: Citizen's income sessions

The Citizen’s Income Trust (CIT), the British basic income network, is organizing several sessions at the Social Policy Association Conference to be held in Lincoln (UK). These sessions will be on all aspects of basic income, including one or two sessions that aim to provide a coherent social policy in which a basic income scheme provides a core. All participants

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BERLIN (DE), May 2011: Strategies towards an alternative society

Academics, activists and practitioners will meet in Berlin in may to work on strategies towards an alternative, ecologically sustainable and socially equitable degrowth society. Not only will a lot of Basic Income supporters take part in the congress, but Netzwerk Grundeinkommen will present workshops as well. Already Barcelona’s 2010 declaration of degrowth dealt with Basic Income.,

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NAMUR (BE), 31 March 2011: Conference on the Universal Grant

This conference on basic income (“allocation universelle”, or universal grant, in French) was organized by the Walloon federation of social assistance services (CPAS) and the Union of Walloon cities (UVCW). A panel of four speakers discussed the idea. Two proponents of basic income, Philippe Defeyt (Green Party and head of a social assistance service) and Yannick Vanderborght (Hoover Chair, UCLouvain),

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DELHI (IN), 22 January 2011: Lecture by Guy Standing

In Delhi, India, on January 22 Guy Standing, co-president of BIEN, gave an invited lecture on why developing countries should move towards a basic income via unconditional cash transfers at the headquarters of UNICEF, telecast to seven State capitals around India. A week earlier, at the Indian International Centre in Delhi he presented with his co-authors a new book, Social

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Korean Basic Income Network Launches Inaugural Conference

South Korea has a new basic income network. According to BIEN, the idea of a basic income took off in Korea only a few years ago, when Koreans with connections in Paris and Berlin discovered and reported back home that the leftist Italian philosopher Toni Negri and the wealthy German businessman Gotz Werner both defended an unconditional basic income. Google

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