This year’s FRIBIS Annual Conference will take place in Freiburg, Germany from 9 to 11 October and will focus on the topic “Care and Gender – Potentials & Risks of UBI“.

Over the past few decades care work and the social dimension of gender have increasingly become central issues in both academic and public debates. The close connection between them is evident from the high number of women involved in care activities. This year’s FRIBIS Annual Conference will examine both topics independently of each other but it also aims to explore their overlaps in content. The common reference point will be the Universal Basic Income, whose potentials and risks for the care field and gender-related issues will be explored.

Applications for active participation in the conference are now open for submission. The deadline is 30 June, 2023. As a university institute that strives to bring together both civil society actors and academics, FRIBIS is looking forward to receiving applications from academics in the field as well as from participants from civil society. More detailed information on the conference contents and registration procedures can be found here. Participation as a member of the public is also possible (registration opens on 5 July 2023).

Guest Contributor is Tobias Dumschat of FRIBIS