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Italy / Europe: Petitions for basic income, in the face of the Corona virus pandemic

Two new petitions have been launched in Europe in response to the Coronavirus emergency.

One has been launched in Italy on platform and is addressed to Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, asking for 10 €/day for all Italian citizens as the fastest and most effective way to secure them against loss of income

Another appears on the website and is addressed to Ursula von der Leyen, Head of the European Commission, Christine Lagarde, Head of the European Central Bank, Mário Centeno, President of the Eurogroup and Finance ministers of all European Member States, asking for a “Quick introduction of an Unconditional Basic Income as an urgency measure [given the corona virus pandemic economic consequences]”.

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    That of 10 euros / day has sounded more like an insult since the 780 euros was established by the European Commission, being the minimum income threshold, below which poverty is considered. Second point: most politicians in Italy, even those opposed to the idea of basic income, are now asking for a universal income of 1000 euros per month for every Italian who requests it. Third point: the idea of universal basic income was presented 20 years ago by mr. Domenico DeSimone to whom the merit and intellectual authorship of the Universal Citizenship Income must be recognized. Get better information and don’t steal other people’s ideas, thank you.

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