UN Secretary-General endorses UBI

The Secretary-General of the United Nations endorses UBI on 25th September 2018.

António Guterres, the UN Secretary-General, urged world leaders to consider Unconditional Basic Income in his speech at the General Assembly of the UN.

After drawing the audience’s attention to the consequences of current technological innovation for the labour market, Guterres said:

The very nature of work will change. The governments may have to consider stronger social safety nets, and eventually Universal Basic Income.

The UN has dispatched the video of his address here and the above statement can be heard around 15m 25s.


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  • Mustafa Ertuğrul Güler

    Pls pay attention to whole text, Guterres proposes UBI after many political and administrative advices to tackle with serious problems of the World order, its political establishments, and states all with dangerous circumstances correlated by him to times of before world war.
    Believe me under such a strategy, UBI tactical achiements may work against citizens.
    As Guterres indicated from the very beginning of his speech that ‘World is suffering from a bad case of Trust Deficit Disorder’,.. ‘people lost faith in states and political establishments of World order’..; it should be assumed that these establishments of World order must be really untrustworthy entities (along with politicians), because public opinion shaped so despite the world order has been paying very great effort to propagate campaigns to gain public support in all media presented with favorable reasoning, respected channels, sophisticated scenario and artistry, and hi-tech material.
    For the facilities possibly provided by UBI such untrustworthy order will put the citizens under greater burdens so it will ask them to pay in return by legalizing secret, inhumane, unethical offenses of governments through publicly consenting, and then by comoditizing many new vital elements of human needs, environment, labor, even life.

    • Rebecca Dalmas

      In some respects I agree. Set the structure through product offerings and then bring in a basic income that ONLY allows the products of cronyism as what that income supports, thereby silencing human ingenuity, which is a suppression of life. Yet, that ingenuity must be the choice of each one, in order for the fabric on earth to change from destruction to life. It would be better to create a basic income, remove television, alcohol, highly processed foods, and sugar. It would be chaos for a couple of weeks, but would turn and mankind would begin to change. There is a reason the narrative is so ubiquitous.

  • Gary Schimmeyer

    The need for UBI is inevitable. The realization and acceptance of it is our collective choice. Will it be pre-emptive or will it only come after global unrest makes its necessity apparent? The fact that Mr Gutierres has seen fit to give it a higher profile gives me hope.

  • Domanská

    If you want to change the world, then be optimistic

    Scott Santens: Unconditional Basic Income

  • Basic income should be given to only the group of the most vulnerable section of the world society. Landless agriculture labours, manufacturing industries worker, unorganized labour, poor widow, physically special people. By paying ubi to the most bottom section of society won’t only ensure the poor to be reinforced but it shall give the rural economy an opportunity of motion in an affirmative direction. Poora are the base of the whole world economy. They are the real key player of our all three economic sectors viz. agriculture, industrial or service sector. If we want our world to grow they are the only who can give the push.

    • Andre Coelho

      Dear Pankaj,

      Basic income can be supplied to all, but clawed back in taxes from the more wealthy. Targeting is getting obsolete. Most credible basic income proposals are designed this way.



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