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GERMANY: Bündnis Grundeinkommen prepares campaign launch in Berlin

Earlier in July, Bündnis Grundeinkommen (BGE) was officially recognized as a national political party in Germany. The party is campaigning on a single issue: the introduction of an unconditional basic income for Germany.

BGE is now preparing for its official campaign launch event on July 29 in Berlin. The event, called BGE: Open Air, will feature a combination of talks and artistic performances.

DUNDU, CC BY 2.0 Kris Duda

Performers include the high-wire artists of One Inch Dreams (the team behind Alexander Schulz’s recent highly publicized high-wire walk to the summit of Scotland’s Old Man of Hoy)–symbolizing balance in society and freedom with a sense of security–as well as the “gentle giant” puppets of DUNDU. The event will close with a concert from a brass jazz combo.  

Guest speakers include Enno Schmidt (co-founder of Switzerland’s basic income referendum campaign), Sascha Liebermann (Professor of Sociology at the Alanus University and co-founder of Freedom Instead of Full Employment), Michael Bohmeyer (founder of Mein Grundeinkommen), Ralph Boes, and Bernhard Neumärker (Professor of Economic Policy at University of Freiburg). BGE chair Susanne Wiest and vice chair Cosima Kern will also speak at the event.

BGE: Open Air will kick off BGE’s campaign for Germany’s federal elections, held on September 24.

More information, including a detailed schedule, is available on the website of Bündnis Grundeinkommen and BGE’s Facebook event page.

Edit (July 22): This article originally stated that Helwig Fenner would represent Mein Grundeinkommen at BGE: Open Air. Since this time, Michael Bohmeyer, the organization’s founder, has agreed to speak. Founded in 2014, Mein Grundeinkommen crowdfunds money to distribute in the form of year-long “basic incomes” to individuals chosen by raffle. To date, it has awarded 99 basic incomes.

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  • Absolute rubbish. True basic income has existed in Germany & elsewhere throughout the world since 2010. I invented it, I am the source. It doesn’t need govt intervention, or taxpayer outlay. It doesn’t rely on charity donations either. The Holy Grail Income Solution (HGI$) provides anyone with multiple life long basic incomes each rising to $60K/year for any legal purpose, These incomes are available right now direct to anyone who wants them. All they need is PayPal & internet access. Providers are welcome across all sectors, & can whitelabel growing elements of the solution, as well as retain income & payment management control for & on behalf of their own end users, largely on their own terms.

  • Mike van Wyk

    I wish BGE a huge success in the pending elections.
    I trust that the German people will get behind this party, especially the younger generation, who are already experiencing the impact of automation of production and low economic growth.
    Strong support from the German European community within the EU, will add weight to the UBI mission – which is to free people from unnecessary poverty, undignified means tested social programmes, and promote free choice. Furthermore, UBI provides a secure base to the economy – something that the captains of the economy have failed to achieve. A global system of UBI is the next logical step in civilisation of humanity – an ethical and moral necessity.
    I will be observing BGE’s progress with great interest – well done!
    Mike van Wyk – South Africa

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