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Taiwan: Executive branch to view presentation on basic income pilot

Activists in Taiwan have scheduled a meeting with a representative from Taiwan’s Executive Yuan (the executive branch) in which they will present the idea of a basic income pilot program in one of Taiwan’s cities.

UBI Taiwan will give the presentation on March 9 to present an idea for a pilot program.

Jay Hsu of UBI Taiwan will give the presentation. The location of the presentation is not yet determined.

UBI Taiwan submitted the proposal for presentation on January 20 to the Executive Yuan, and received confirmation that they were invited to present the proposal last week.

Taiwan will also hold the first Universal Basic Income in the Asia Pacific International Conference on March 18. Prominent activist Enno Schmidt has confirmed that he will attend the conference.

 Updated 5/23/17: Removed references to Audrey Tang and Ping Xu, who were not part of the presentation.

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