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A CBC news report offers a clarion call regarding the increasing demand being placed upon Canadian food banks who are attempting to address the hunger and nutritional needs of Canada’s most vulnerable citizens.  Surely there is no better reason for a BI than the need for food banks in one of the richest nations on the planet?

Food Banks Canada, a national umbrella organization, has released its HungerCount2016 report on food bank use in Canada and includes numerous recommendations, the most crucial of which is the creation of a nation-wide Basic Income.

To accomplish this important goal, FBC has provided 4 policy recommendations in its report which the organization believes essential to accomplish this important goal namely:

1. a National Poverty Reduction Strategy by Oct 1. 2017

2. a Basic livable Income with steps leading to its creation

3. rethinking welfare towards a more supportive process

4. investing in Northern Canada’s food security.

Perhaps the most significant beneficiaries of a national BI would be the children who, the CBC report indicates, account for 35% of food bank use across the country.  The CBC report also points out that the latest food bank figures show double digit spikes in food bank use in many parts of Canada.

While the CBC report indicates that Toronto is still the “…child poverty capital of Canada”, it also includes links to a number of related CBC items in which the Ontario government has recently announced a BI pilot program and Quebec has expressed interest in the feasibility of a BI, while three other links discuss what a BI might look like in Canada.

The Food Banks Canada full report can be found here: HungerCount2016.

Food Banks Canada has previously called for a BI in their HungerCount2015, which BIEN acknowledged here at that time as well.

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