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Jobs in ‘security’ are about to end


peaceJobs in security are on the verge of obsolescence. Security jobs usually refer to night watchers, guards, soldiers, intelligence officers, police officers and so on. Armies, police, security companies and related industries employ millions of people worldwide, wielding vast amounts of power and influence on society and the natural world. However, and in spite of that, they are doomed. Why? Because people want to be happy and, on the verge of global societal breakdown, are beginning to understand that their happiness is linked to everyone else’s and that this positive state of being is so much better than the ever present fear, uncertainty and isolation. Happy people tend to be fraternal, cooperative and empathetic (and their happiness reinforced by these behaviors), which in the long term means there will be no need for “security” jobs, as we know them today. Much of the violence, war and conflict in the world today stems from the pure need for maintaining these “security” structures, which are ridden with a mentality of war, mistrust and distorted notions of what security means for most people.

But what is a security-specialized mega-entity, which employs dozens of thousands of people (for example the US Army), to do when people seem oblivious of their past importance and meaning and simply do not value them as much (if at all)? It tries to survive. And that may mean resorting to unconventional, radical approaches, such as covertly instigating conflict or actively promoting or supporting entities or actions which lead to scarcity, inequality and fear among people (which are powerful instigators of conflict and violence). That is their mantra as survival strategy goes. But guess what? The worldwide arrival of the basic income is imminent.

Not a novelty in itself, the basic income is arriving now with a renewed strength, strongly linked to values of peace, equality and freedom. Freedom to pursue happiness, to have a share of what should be shared resources, to connect more deeply with other fellow human beings and the natural world. The basic income, besides helping to liberate millions of people from directly and indirectly imposed slavery, also gives a bright opportunity for those strapped to the “security” business to abandon it, now that their hearts are no longer aligned with its associated roles. With less critical mass, fewer incentives and fewer individuals with a war-prone mentality , security entities will crumble.

Now I am not saying many innocent people who are employed by these entities deserve to be miserable – the idea is to protect them from collapse by systems such as the basic income and allow them to finally start doing what they really believe in with their lives. However, only dramatic transformations in our society (which stem from changes at the personal level) will eliminate security entities as we know them. Jobs in security are about to end and that is – given new and refreshed social approaches like the basic income – great news.

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  • Jaymi

    Basic Income: Is There an App For That?

    Allocating these hefty and ultimately useless security funds for Basic Income Guarantee would be Poetic Justice indeed for all. We’re statistically safer without the kind of “security” we have now, anyway!

  • Andre Coelho


    I don’t see your argument against basic income. Your comment begs for a reply I usually give in these circumstances: if you don’t want basic income, then when it’s implemented you won’t receive it (since you don’t want it).

    Anyway, we agree that “security” doesn’t equate “safety”. 🙂



  • Great article André! Even do most people are still in the low level of justice and comparing you started talking about equanimity and compassion. Merit and extra benefits may be given to those that work for it. Yet, the right to human dignity and the assurance of the basic needs to survive is just something that should be assured to all, no matter what. Surviving should be granted. And this requires very simple and basic things (with no discrimination), caring for all the physiological needs: Safety, Refuge, Air, Water, Food and Caring. If this is guarantee through a basic income or just by being available for everyone,
    In all countries and conventions the right to human dignity is something of common agreement, until now, most countries are just ignoring the fundamental, like if it was just something nice to say and not to really apply.
    All the best

    • Andre Coelho

      Hi Vasco,

      Thanks for your kind and truthful words. Yes, our Constitutions are, in decisive matters as social justice, just pieces of paper without consequence.

      Let’s “keep rockin’ for a free world”. 🙂



  • Andreas Chrysis

    Well said Andre. But there are more fundamental reasons for their demise, anyone who chose by free will to continue operating through the first three chakras has and will have all sorts of problems. The new energy is about the Heart chakra (compassion) and up. The human collective made successfully its transition at 2012, we had 3 years for recalibration, and 2016 onwards is the real deal. By the end of September 2016 the rate of change on the planet will so fast an accelerating that the loss of a job will be a minor issue, for all those who chose not to do their “homework”. Now you know why some people suddenly have issues with their lower back.

    • Andre Coelho

      Hello Andreas,

      Thank you for your reply. I really don’t have much information about chakras (I’ve heard of it, but not much else) to comment, but generally I’m with you: we’ve gone beyond the point of no return. We’re growing up for the better, but that of course means disconfort, and some pain.



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