Professors Jurgen De Wispelaere and Antti Halmetoja at the University of Tampere in Finland have created a university course titled, “Universal Basic Income: New Avenues in Social Welfare Policy.”  The course will be taught in English and enrollment is open until 29 February with lectures scheduled once a week from 7 March to 16 May.

The website for the course lists the following as the course’s learning outcomes:

“In this course students learn to critically examine the arguments in favour and against basic income and to place the basic income model within the broader context of challenges to and reform of the modern welfare state. Students will also learn to differentiate different basic income models, and to understand the practical and political challenges that emerge when moving from a social idea to a social policy. Students will be expected to critically engage with a key aspect of the basic income debate, conduct personal research to come to a better understanding of the problem and start to formulate a solution to the challenge identified. Throughout this course students will gain understanding of the practical problems of social policy design and implementation.”

De Wispelaere has said that each lecture will be recorded and posted online.