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ONLINE, UK: Webinar debate – Universal Credit vs Guaranteed Income, Conservative Party vs Green Party, April 7 2015

The UK based group GlobalNet21 will be hosting a debate at 7pm on the 7th April 2015 between Universal Credit and Guaranteed Income.

On one side will be James Symes, the prospective Conservative party candidate for the constituency of Ealing South. The Conservative party are the current leading party in the UK government. He will be defending the Conservatives’ flagship welfare reform programme, Universal Credit, which replaces a number of previously existing welfare programmes in the UK.

On the other side will be David Flint, the Green party candidate for Enfield North. He will be defending the Green party proposal of Basic Income for all.

To attend, go to this link and log in as a guest or registered user. There is also a meetup page here.

GlobalNet21 is a organisation aiming to hold debates on a global level regarding current topics. They are running a project to hold 5 web debates between the 5 main parties contesting the upcoming UK general election.

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