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UNITED KINGDOM: E-petition for BIG

[Toru Yamamori]

Pete Higgins has opened an e-petition on “Replace the Benefit System with a Universal Basic Income for all” in HM Government. If it would collect more than 100,000 signatures until its closing date March 30, 2015, this petition could be discussed in the House of Commons. There are 233 signatures at this stage.

To read the original site for the petition, see:

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  • Jemaine

    The article doesn’t mention that the e-petition has gained over 3,000 signatures in just 2 months and was at least twice the highest trending petition on the site.

  • This initiative “Replace the Benefit System with a Universal Basic Income for all” needs to be a European initiative, where all countries of the EU introduce the “EU citizens dividend”.

    Then the claim for a EU citizens dividend would be cut lose from the economic war between the countries to attract industry by promoting rebates on their workers.

    Please share 🙂

  • Tim Harrap

    Time to act in defence of the precariat.

  • James Smith

    In the Uk this is desperately needed for the Chronically Sick and Disabled.

  • James Smith

    With the Cuts to Social Secruity for the Chronically Sick and Disabled this is desperately needed in the U.K.

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