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Brussels (BE), 27 June 2012: launch meeting of Belgium's basic income network

The Basic Income European Network (BIEN) was founded in Belgium in 1986. But until now Belgium itself had no national basic income network. This could change, thanks to the initiative of Dutch-, French- and German-speaking activists, who have organized a meeting in Brussels in order to launch a national network. An invitation has been circulated through social networks, and a provisional website has been launched. All Belgian residents are welcome to take part in this first meeting (prior registration avalaible online).


Practical details: June 27, 2012 at 6PM, at the Facultés universitaires Saint-Louis, Building Rue du Marais, n°119, Room 2100, 1000 Brussels

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  • Bin Italia

    We’re very happy about this notice! It’s difficult to say welcome to the country where it was founded the BIEN, bua anyway Auguri!!!!! All the best for all of you and for the Belgium network!!!

  • Thank you very much! Our Network now exists… 🙂 We will apply for membership with BIEN and support Basic Income as much as we can.

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