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KUWAIT: A Temporary, Partial basic income for Citizens Only

According to USBIG, the Kuwaiti parliament has voted to distribute an unconditional cash grant of 1,000 dinars ($3,580) and free essential food items to each of Kuwait’s 1.155 million citizens for the next 14 months. The total cost of the package will be over $5 billion. The cash will be paid on February 24. The distribution of food begins February 1 and lasts until March 31, 2012.

This policy decision sounds more generous than it actually is. More than two-thirds of Kuwait’s residents are not citizens and have no path to citizenship. The cash and food will not be distributed to the 2.4 million foreign residents in the country, and the needier residents tend to be among the foreigners working the country.

For an article on the Kuwait grant.


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