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EUROPEAN UNION: Wider support for a minimum income guarantee

For a few years, the European Anti-Poverty Network (EAPN) has been actively supporting EU-legislation in favour of a (means-tested) minimum income in all EU member-states. Three Member States currently do not have Minimum Income schemes in place: Greece, Italy, and Hungary. In Sepember 2010, EAPN launched a concrete proposal for an EU framework Directive on “Adequate Minimum Income”. Article 1 of the draft proposal states that “The purpose of this framework directive is to set out minimum requirements and provisions for establishing the right of every person, residing within the territory of the Member States, to an adequate income” According to Article 2, an adequate minimum income is set “at a level that is sufficient to live in a manner compatible with human dignity as a part of a comprehensive and consistent drive to combat social exclusion and to fulfill the basic needs of people to physical health and autonomy, necessary to be able to participate in society”.

On October 20, 2010, the proposal had received support from 262 Members of the European Parliament, from 7 different political groupings, in the European Parliament. “The fact that, at this stage, the proposal received such large support from the Members of the Parliament gives us great encouragement to continue this campaign on Adequate Minimum Income”, said Ludo Horemans, President of EAPN. Within the EU Parliament, pressure in favour of this EU framework Directive came from the socialist and democrat MEPs.

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