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BIRNBAUM, Simon (2010), 'Två föreställningar om jämlikhet: Om rättvisa, självrespekt och välfärdspolitik'

BIRNBAUM, Simon (2010), ‘Två föreställningar om jämlikhet: Om rättvisa, självrespekt och välfärdspolitik’ [”Two conceptions of equality: On justice, self-respect and welfare policy”], Tidsskrift for Velferdsforskning (Norwegian Journal of Welfare Research), 13 (2) 2010, 70-82.

A luck egalitarian view holds that inequalities are objectionable only if they are traceable to luck, i.e. circumstances beyond individual control. This article examines recent attempts to develop an alternative account of egalitarian justice that focuses, instead, on the conditions necessary for people to interact as social equals. Simon Birnbaum (Stockholm University) develops a contribution to this relational conception of justice by exploring the relationship between economic inequality, non-subservience and the bases of self-respect. A pluralistic conception is defended according to which such relational concerns should complement rather than replace luck egalitarian commitments. The author also discusses the political implications of this view with regard to income maintenance schemes and conflicts that may arise between the enforcement of responsiblity and the protection of self-respect.

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