Host a Congress

Any affiliate network of BIEN is eligible to host a BIEN Congress. These Congresses take place once every year or two in a location agreed on between BIEN and the Local Organizing Committee (LOC: appointed by the host network).

The attached guidelines explain the specifications for a BIEN Congress. Within these guidelines the LOC is the primary decision maker, with advice and consultation from BIEN’s Executive Committee. The LOC has full responsibility for raising the funding for the Congress.

Any BIEN-affiliated network that would like to host a Congress should send a proposal to the BIEN EC in advance of the Congress two years before the proposed date. For example, to host the 2021 Congress, the affiliate network should send an application to the EC in advance of the 2019 Congress.

The EC will usually give the host network feedback on the proposal, but the final decision on where to hold the Congress will be made by BIEN’s General Assembly at its annual meeting, which takes place at the Congress.

In addition to the Congress Organizer Guidelines, LOCs should also look at the lessons learned provided by organizers of several past BIEN Congresses:


Congress Organizer Guidelines

Lessons Learned – 2016

Lessons Learned – 2014

Lessons Learned – 2012

Lessons Learned – 2008