BIEN 2016 Slate of Candidates

During the 2016 General Assembly on July 9, 2016, BIEN members will approve candidates for several open positions on both the International Advisory Board and the BIEN Executive Committee.

This slate represents an expansion of committee positions and is being proposed as a solution to the growing time commitment required of volunteers as BIEN grows and has a larger presence in the media and the world’s social conscience.

Prior to voting on the candidates, a formal proposal to increase the Executive Committee (EC) will be presented, and we urge that it be passed.

In the event the proposal to increase the membership of the EC is rejected, the EC proposes that the two secretaries and chairs become shared positions, with half a vote each. The GA can amend this and come up with an alternative distribution.

In any event, the current co-chairs recommend the increase in positions given the rise in activities and demands on BIEN volunteer time in especially the last year. To be able to retain and build on the current upward trend in our media services, in addition to expanding our activities in engaging with other organisations, as well as respond to ongoing queries and build our web information-content, we need to distribute the tasks more thinly to avoid too much falling on a few individuals.

It is best that those individuals who are now very active in all of these tasks have a voice, and that is why we wish to expand the EC with two functions.

The following slate of candidates has been nominated, seconded, and the candidates have agreed to serve the terms of the positions for which they were nominated.

BIEN 2016 Open Position:
International Advisory Board

Chair of the International Advisory Board
  • Two-year term
Philippe van Parijs

BIEN 2016 Open Positions:
Executive Committee

  • Two-year term
  • One-year term
Louise Haagh
Karl Widerquist
  • Two-year term
  • One-year term
Julio Aguirre
Hal Hodson
Communications Coordinator
  • One-year term
Amanda Wray
Treasurer and Fundraiser
  • One year term
Andrea Fumagalli
News Editor
  • Two-year term – Position 1
  • One-year term – Position 1
  • Two-year term – Position 2
André Coelho
Kate McFarland
Toru Yamamori
News Editor & Outreach Coordinator
  • One-year term
Jenna van Draanen

BIEN Candidate Biographies

Chair of the BIEN International Advisory Board (two-year term)

Candidate: Philippe van Parijs

Nominated by: Anja Askeland     |     Seconded by: John Baker, Stanislas Jourdan, & Almaz Zelleke

Philippe Van Parijs is a professor at the University of Louvain (Hoover Chair of Economic and Social Ethics), a special guest professor at the University of Leuven and an associate member of Nuffield College, Oxford. He is one of the founders of the Basic Income Earth Network and chairs its International Board. His books include Real Freedom for All. What (if anything) Can Justify Capitalism? (Oxford UP, 1995), What’s Wrong with a Free Lunch? (Beacon Press, 2001), Just Democracy. The Rawls-Machiavelli Programme (ECPR, 2011) , Linguistic Justice for Europe and for the World (Oxford UP, 2011) and Basic Income. A radical proposal for a free society and a sane economy (Harvard UP, forthcoming 2017, with Y. Vanderborght).


BIEN Co-chair (two year position)

Candidate: Louise Haagh

Nominated by: Louise Haagh     |     Seconded by: Malcolm Torry

I am a Reader in Politics at the University of York. I grew up in Copenhagen Denmark, and in 1989 moved to study in Britain, where I have been based since, having studied at the universities of London and Oxford.

I have two children and my life is divided between my family, academic work and voluntary activities.

I have worked with the Danish labour movement and other voluntary organisations in Denmark and in Latin America. Since becoming an academic I have consulted for a variety of international organisations on matters relating to universal economic security, including the World Bank, the International Labour Organisation, the Organisation of American States, and the Council of Europe.

I have been a life-time member of BIEN since 2002, and served on its executive committee in different capacities since 2004. I am a co-editor of the academic journal Basic Income Studies. As co-chair with Karl Widerquist since 2014, I have worked to complete the legalisation of BIEN as a non-profit organisation based in Belgium, as well as helped facilitate modernisation of the BIEN media, and – with other BIEN members – I have engaged in activities organized by the Council of Europe to debate and promote basic income in European cities.

I have worked with the BIEN Secretary Anja to have more open and frequent meetings but more work is to be done.

As BIEN representative I will continue to engage in this and in the grass-roots initiatives across Europe. This is what most motivates me about participating in BIEN right now. If elected co-chair for the next period, I will work to finalise the legalisation of BIEN; promote more debate and engagement in the EC and BIEN with my colleagues to foster a more collaborative style of working; introduce new electoral procedures in BIEN; work with others to establish BIEN-AISBL into the future; and work to link BIEN’s activities with those of other organisations and groups working in areas of human, social and economic security.

I want to promote a vision of BIEN that is inclusive in representing different forms of participation and have tried with my colleagues to prepare a meeting structure that fosters participation and discussion.


BIEN Co-Chair (one year position)

Candidate: Karl Widerquist

Nominated by: Karl Widerquist     |     Seconded by: Michael Howard

Karl Widerquist is an Associate Professor at SFS-Qatar, Georgetown University. He specializes in political philosophy. His research is mostly in the area of distributive justice—the ethics of who has what. He holds two doctorates—one in Political Theory from Oxford University (2006) and one in Economics from the City University of New York (1996).

Before coming to Georgetown he was lecturer in Political Theory at the University of Reading (UK) and a Murphy Fellow at Tulane University in New Orleans (LA).

He has written or edited six books. He is the author of “Independence, Propertylessness, and Basic Income: A Theory of Freedom as the Power to Say No” (Palgrave Macmillan 2013). He is coeditor of “Basic Income: An Anthology of Contemporary Research” (Wiley-Blackwell 2013), “Alaska’s Permanent Fund Dividend: Examining its Suitability as a Model” (Palgrave Macmillan 2012), “Exporting the Alaska Model: Adapting the Permanent Fund Dividend for Reform around the World” (Palgrave Macmillan 2012), and “The Ethics and Economics of the Basic Income Guarantee” (Ashgate 2005). He is currently under contract to author or coauthor two more books: “Prehistoric Myths in Modern Political Philosophy” (Edinburgh University Press) and “Justice as the Pursuit of Accord” (Palgrave Macmillan).

He was a founding editor of the journal Basic Income Studies, and he has published more than a twenty scholarly articles and book chapters. His articles have appeared in journals such as Political Studies; the Eastern Economic Journal; Politics and Society; and Politics, Philosophy, and Economics. He has been the co-chair of BIEN for several years.

Karl Widerquist was one of the founders of the U.S. Basic Income Guarantee Network and its coordinator and NewsFlash editor for its first ten years 2000-2010. He was the editor of BIEN’s NewsFlash for five years. He was one of the founders of BIEN’s news website, Basic Income News, and its principle editor for its first four years. He still works closely with Basic Income News. He worked with Louise Haagh to get BIEN officially chartered as a legally recognized institution.

In the coming term he hopes to help BIEN raise funds, expand its activities, and move to yearly conferences.


Co-Secretary (two year position)

Candidate: Julio Aguirre

Nominated by: Julio Aguirre     |     Seconded by: Rubén Lo Vuolo

Julio Aguirre is a political scientist and member of the “Red Argentina de Ingreso Ciudadano” since 2008. He is a Professor of Political Theory in the National University of Cuyo (Argentina), and a Post-doctoral researcher for
the Argentinian Committee of Scientific Research (CONICET) and the Interdisciplinary Center for the Study of Public Policy (CIEPP).

His research interests are: Basic income, welfare regimes in Latin America,
and the politics of conditional cash transfers.


Co-Secretary (one year position)

Candidate: Hal Hodson

Nominated by: Hal Hodson     |     Seconded by: Louise Haagh

Hal Hodson is an editor and reporter with New Scientist. He works on stories about the technologies that shape our lives, the systems that control them, and the people who find themselves in the yoke.

Hal has explored warehouse husks filled with insects for human consumption in Ohio, watched dead rivers come back to life in Mexico, rescued a hexacopter from the side of a volcano in Bolivia, debated basic income in a sauna with 12 naked Finns, seen the world’s greatest robots fail to climb a set of stairs; all in pursuit of a story.

Hal has a degree in astrophysics from Trinity College Dublin. He is based in London.


Communications Coordinator (one year position)

Candidate: Amanda Wray

Nominated by: Amanda Wray     |     Seconded by: Kate McFarland

Amanda Wray is a Los Angeles-based independent online media designer with a background in journalism and communications in the nonprofit sector. She prides herself on being a problem solver and is driven to help organizations optimize their communication pathways for efficiency and ease.

She has also worked as a newspaper reporter, a magazine editor, a logo designer, a music video producer and a shelter dog photographer. She loves the outdoors and relishes travel with her three giant poodles.

Amanda has a degree in Communications from Cal State Fullerton and in Graphic Design from Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California. She is currently embarking on a journey to learn Python.


Treasurer and Fundraiser (one year position)

Candidate: Andrea Fumagalli

Nominated by: Andrea Fumagalli     |     Seconded by: Toru Yamamori

Andrea Fumagalli, Ph.D. in Economics after periods of research at the EHESS in Paris and the New School for Social Research in New York.

He is Associate Professor of Economics at the Department of Economics and Management at the University of Pavia. In 2013 he received tenure to full professor. He teaches at the University of Pavia and the University of Bologna.

His research focuses on labour precarity, on basic income and transformations of contemporary capitalism.


News Editor (two year position)

Candidate: André Coelho

Nominated by: by André Coelho     |     Seconded by: Jenna Van Draanen

Civil engineer, PhD in construction materials, post-doc in construction and demolition waste (economical and environmental impacts).

At the end of 2014 I took an interest in basic income, responding to a call for writers sent by Karl. Since then I’ve been writing articles for Basic Income News, and more recently coordinating activities as Lead News Editor. I’ve also been participating in the outreach activities of BIEN, for instance going to international meetings presenting and discussing basic income.

My intention is to continue doing this.


Candidate: Toru Yamamori

Nominated by: Toru Yamamori     |     Seconded by: Anja Askeland

Toru Yamamori is a professor in the Faculty of Economics at Doshisha University, Kyoto, Japan. His 13 years of oral historical research shed light on the fact than an Unconditional Basic Income was one of the official demands of the British Women’s Liberation movement in the 1970’s, though this fact and the working class women’s struggle behind it have been sidelined form history.

Currently he works on two projects: Gender, Class and Race in discourse on Basic Income in 1970’s Britain; and History of Economic Thought on Need.

His past publications were in various disciplines and the common question behind them was how feminist and other social movements have challenged the philosophical foundation of economics. He was a founding member of the Japanese Association for Feminist Economics, and of BIEN Japan. Since 2000, he has been involved in launching basic income activism in Japan.

As one of the BI News Editors, he mainly contributes by writing news related to feminism, the United Kingdom and Asia. In addition, he recently traveled to Taiwan to advise a new group for UBI there, and would like to work on further outreach in Asia.


News Editor (one year position)

Candidate: Kate McFarland

Nominated by: Kate McFarland     |     Seconded by: Jason Murphy & Amanda Wray

I live in Columbus, Ohio, USA, hold various degrees from the Ohio State University, and often take on short-term employment (which has also usually been at the university), while keeping my overall life-path open and flexible. My latest and favorite academic pursuit was a PhD in philosophy (completed March 2015), wherein my focus was the use of disagreement data in philosophy of language. Since then, I’ve spent much time teaching ethics to engineers, and thinking about how to improve the teaching of ethics to engineers.

I’ve held a latent interest in basic income for many years; however, I did not become actively involved in the movement until the end of 2015, when I answered a call for content reviewers for Basic Income News. I began writing and editing for Basic Income News in March 2016, and my involvement in the basic income community began to snowball shortly thereafter. In addition to becoming one of the spring’s most prolific editors – and actively looking for additional ways to contribute to and help to improve Basic Income News – I began serving as a editor of the BIEN and US Basic Income Guarantee Network Facebook pages. Most recently, I have joined the founding committee of the newly-formed PAC National Coalition for Basic Income and the organizational committee for the 2017 North American Basic Income Guarantee Conference.

I couldn’t be happier to have become so quickly integrated into the BIEN/Basic Income News community during these exciting times.


News Editor & Outreach Coordinator (one year position)

Candidate: Jenna van Draanen

Nominated by: Jenna van Draanen     |     Seconded by: André Coelho

I am a public health practitioner, researcher and evaluator and I am dedicated to recognizing and addressing the social determinants to health, including income equality and housing security, in all of my professional and advocacy endeavors. I am currently pursuing a Doctor of Philosophy in Public Health at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). My primary areas of research include homelessness, mental health, and substance use. I did community based research and evaluation in Toronto for several years before returning to school for a PhD.

As a writer and researcher, I regularly publish papers and present at national and international conferences, many of which relate directly to basic income. I am also a dedicated activist and community organizer addressing a variety of social determinants of health at the community and system level while serving as a coordinator for a mobile clinic for underserved populations in Los Angeles.

I have served on the Basic Income Canada Network (BICN) board of directors as the Secretary of the board for the past 4 years. In this role, I provide leadership and organization to the BICN board and have done media appearances on behalf of the organization on numerous occasions. I also am very involved in BI News for the past 4 years: regularly contributing articles, training new writers, and helping with the site management. It would be an honour to continue my service to the basic income movement on the BIEN EC.