General Assembly 2016

The 2016 General Assembly of the Basic Income Earth Network (BIEN) was held on Saturday, July 9, 2016, at the conclusion of the 16th International BIEN Congress. All life-members of BIEN were invited to attend.

Elections for the 2016-2018 Executive Committee and chair of the International Board of BIEN were held at the General Assembly. All life-members of BIEN were eligible to run for office and to vote in the election. Information on the offices of the EC is available on the BIEN website.

Nominations and seconds of candidates were made by BIEN life-members until the day before the GA meeting by email to or in writing at the Congress. Persons making nominations confirmed the willingness of the candidate to serve.

Nominations specified 1. the position for which the nomination was being made, 2. the name of the candidate, 3. the person making the nomination, and 4. the person seconding the nomination. Co-Chair Karl Widerquist, Co-Chair Louise Haagh, Treasurer Andrea Fumagalli and Toru Yamamori were running for reelection.

The minutes of the 2016 GA are available here.


Basic Income Earth Network

General Assembly

Date and time: July 9, 2016, 2pm–7pm

Venue: Sogang University, Seoul, South Korea

  1. Opening of GA / Welcome
  2. Roll call / Confirmation of membership
  3. Approval of the rule keeper
  4. Approval of the Agenda
  5. Approval of the Minutes of the last GA
  6. Treasurer’s Report; and co-chair’s report
  7.  Amendments
  8. Venue of the Next Congress(es)
  9. Elections for the International Advisory Board       |       2016 Slate of Candidates
    • a. Chair of the International Advisory Board (the duties of this position are described in the BIEN Statutes)
  10. Elections for the Executive Committee       |       2016 Slate of Candidates
  11. Recognition of New National Affiliate Networks: India, New Zeland, Quebec, and Scotland
  12. Motion(s): Thank You Swiss; late motion (BIEN encourages all affiliates to provide at least one person to work with Basic Income News to report on their news and the news from their region.)
  13. Any other business

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