About Basic Income News

Basic Income News is the online incarnation of the BIEN NewsFlash and affiliated publications, such as the USBIG Newsletter. The BIEN NewsFlash and its predecessor, the BIEN Newsletter, have been in publication since 1988.

The USBIG Newsletter has been going since the year 2000. It is the creation of the U.S. Basic Income Guarantee Network (the USBIG Network), BIEN’s affiliate in the United States. For more information about the USBIG Network, click here.

Basic Income News began in the spring of 2011, when Joerg Drescher approached the editors of the BIEN and USBIG Newsletters about creating an online version of the basic income newsletters, in hopes that it would be more up-to-the minute and interactive. This site will have frequently updated news stories about Basic Income around the world, provided initially by BIEN and USBIG. We hope soon that many more of BIEN’s affiliates will contribute as well.

If you have news about Basic Income that you think should be published in Basic Income News, please contact the editors at report@basicincome.org. Make sure that the information you send is complete, reliable, and in accordance with copyright rules.

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Active Editors:

André Coelho, Chief editor (posts)
Karl Widerquist, Co-Founding Editor (Karl@Widerquist.com) (posts)
Tyler Prochazka, Features editor (posts)
Genevieve Shanahan (posts)
Jenna van Draanen (posts)
Toru Yamamori (posts)
Stanislas Jourdan (posts)
Dave Clegg (posts)
Hilde Latour (posts)
Josh Martin (joshedwardmartin@gmail.com) (posts)

Additional contributions:

The BIEN Executive Committee
The USBIG Committee
Citizen’s Income Trust

Founding editors:
Karl Widerquist
Yannick Vanderborght
Philippe Van Parijs