17th BIEN Congress, Portugal

“Implementing a Basic Income”

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Draft program

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17th BIEN Congress, Portugal

Dates: 25-27 September 2017



25 September: Portuguese National Parliament

26 and 27 September: ISEG – Lisbon School of Economics and Management, University of Lisbon

Portuguese Basic Income Week: 25-30 September 2017


Today basic income attracts the public’s attention as a potentially fair and realistic public policy. We can see this attention as important political parties in Europe have adopted the unconditional basic income as a policy objective.

Our 2017 congress will discuss the different aspects of the politics of a basic income under the general theme Implementing a Basic Income.

A draft of the Congress program is available here.

Invited keynote speakers include:

[sg_popup id=”12″ event=”click”]Evelyn L. Forget[/sg_popup] (Canada)

[sg_popup id=”11″ event=”click”]Elizabeth Rhodes[/sg_popup] (Oakland experiment- USA)

[sg_popup id=”9″ event=”click”]Sara Bizarro[/sg_popup] (Portugal)

[sg_popup id=”14″ event=”click”]Louise Haagh[/sg_popup] (United Kingdom)

[sg_popup id=”28″ event=”click”]Ingrid Robeyns[/sg_popup] (the Netherlands)

[sg_popup id=”13″ event=”click”]Philippe van Parijs[/sg_popup] (Belgium)

[sg_popup id=”15″ event=”click”]Joe Huston[/sg_popup] (GiveDirectly- USA)

[sg_popup id=”17″ event=”click”]Jurgen De Wispelaere[/sg_popup] (Finland)

[sg_popup id=”16″ event=”click”]Guy Standing[/sg_popup] (United Kingdom)



Registration fees include admission to all of the congress sessions, the congress proceedings and coffee breaks.

  • Regular Fee with Presentation: 120 €
  • Solidarity Fee with Presentation: 160 €
  • Reduced Fee with Presentation (students and people unemployed): 80 €
  • Attendance only (with attendance certificate): 30 €
  • Attendance only (without certificate): FREE

See the official conference webpage for information about online registration and registration fees.

Free registration (for attendance only without certificate) is available on Eventbrite.



Local Organizing Committee of the 17th BIEN Congress, in Lisbon, Portugal:

[sg_popup id=”10″ event=”click”]Roberto Merrill[/sg_popup] (coordinator), [sg_popup id=”9″ event=”click”]Sara Bizarro[/sg_popup], [sg_popup id=”6″ event=”click”]Lídia Martins[/sg_popup], [sg_popup id=”18″ event=”click”]Mafalda Farmhouse[/sg_popup], [sg_popup id=”5″ event=”click”]Graça Rojão[/sg_popup], [sg_popup id=”22″ event=”click”]Sara Trindade[/sg_popup], [sg_popup id=”3″ event=”click”], André Coelho[/sg_popup], [sg_popup id=”7″ event=”click”]Martim Avillez Figueiredo[/sg_popup], [sg_popup id=”8″ event=”click”]Pedro Teixeira[/sg_popup], [sg_popup id=”4″ event=”click”]Gonçalo Marcelo[/sg_popup], [sg_popup id=”32″ event=”click”]Teresa Albuquerque[/sg_popup].

Scientific Committee:

[sg_popup id=”31″ event=”click”]Carlos Farinha Rodrigues[/sg_popup], [sg_popup id=”19″ event=”click”]João Cardoso Rosas[/sg_popup], [sg_popup id=”20″ event=”click”]Michel Bauwens[/sg_popup], [sg_popup id=”21″ event=”click”]Borja Barragué[/sg_popup], [sg_popup id=”26″ event=”click”]Barb Jacobson[/sg_popup],  [sg_popup id=”23″ event=”click”]Nazaré da Costa Cabral[/sg_popup], [sg_popup id=”25″ event=”click”]Jenna van Draanen[/sg_popup].

Organizing Committee of the Basic Income week:

[sg_popup id=”1″ event=”click”]Pedro Ferrão[/sg_popup], [sg_popup id=”2″ event=”click”]Pedro Ramajal[/sg_popup], [sg_popup id=”24″ event=”click”]Bárbara Borges[/sg_popup], [sg_popup id=”29″ event=”click”]Sandra Silvestre[/sg_popup], [sg_popup id=”30″ event=”click”]Jorge Pinto[/sg_popup].


RBI Portugal: rbiport@gmail.com


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