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UNITED STATES: Green party candidate for president endorses BIG

Stuart Alexander, a candidate for the presidential nomination of the Green Party, the Socialist Party, and the Peace and Freedom Party has endorsed basic income. According Lynn Lomibao, of indybay.org, “Alexander is proposing the creation of a Universal Basic Income (UBI) to help eliminate poverty and to meet the basic needs of working people and the long term needs for

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Eleventh North American Basic Income Guarantee Congress to take place in Toronto in 2012

The 11th Annual North American Basic Income Guarantee Congress will take place May 3-5, 2012 at the University of Toronto on the theme of Putting Equality Back on the Agenda: Basic Income and Other Approaches to Economic Security for All. While Canada, the United States, and many other OECD countries have grown increasingly unequal in recent years, equality has not

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OPINION: Genetics, the deserving and underserving poor

By Michael A. Lewis, Associate Professor The Silberman School of Social Work at Hunter College After spending 15 years teaching about, writing about, and observing the U.S. welfare state, I believe that the policies that make it up are based on a questionable assumption. In general, U.S. residents think that there are two kinds of people who receive social welfare

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Review: Two Memoirs Tell the History of the Alaska Dividend

Alaska’s Permanent Fund Dividend is closer to a Basic Income than almost any other policy in the world today. The lessons of how it was created and how it became so popular and successful are extremely important to the Basic Income movement. Two autobiographies available now tell different parts of the story of the Alaska Dividend. One is by Jay

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The Earth Rights Institute’s has created an online Course & Training Program in Land Rights and Land Value Capture. According to the institute: “This is a great way to learn about Earth Rights Policies. … Thereafter you are eligible to partner with us on policy research and implementation projects for your city/country. There are currently more than 500 people enrolled

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The tax-and-dividend approach to global warming (which sets a price on carbon emissions, charges producers for those emissions, and redistributes the proceeds as a basic income), has been gaining ground since its endorsement by a conference on pricing carbon held at Wesleyan University (Connecticut) on November 20, 2010. Peter Barnes, who has led the push for tax and dividend for

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