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Luke Kingma (for Futurism): “Universal Basic Income – the answer to automation?”

Futurism reported on automation, robots, and universal basic income through the provision of a chart-article. Some of the information summarized by the chart includes that fact that as there are 4.73 robots working per 100 human workers in South Korea. The global average is 0.66 per 100 workers. That ratio is reported to be rising rapidly throughout the world. Also,

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Korea: New presidential candidate promises universal basic income

Mayor Lee Jae-myung. Credit to: Pangyo Techno Valley.   On December 9, 2016, the National Assembly of the Republic of Korea voted to impeach Park Geun-hye  over a corruption scandal with her lifelong friend Choi Soon-sil. Due to the impeachment, the next presidential election in Korea is expected to take place early, in April or May 2017 instead of December, 2017.

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Seoul National University Economy professor Lee Keun says South Korea needs BI

(Image Credit: The Hankyoreh Media Company) According to business writer Kwack Jung-soo, South Korea will need to make fundamental changes to its operations due to the nation’s prolonged low growth and lack of new growth engines. In a new book entitled 2017 Grand Forecast for the South Korean Economy, 43 economics experts provide analyses and possible solutions to the economic crisis in

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Call for Papers: BIEN Congress 2016 in South Korea

The 16th Basic Income Earth Network Congress will take place in Seoul, South Korea, from July 7-9, 2016. The overarching theme is “Social and Ecological Transformation and the Basic Income”. Activists, politicians and academics from across the world will gather to discuss the current realities and possible futures of basic income, in the context of ongoing global economic and ecological

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