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A response to “Citizen’s Income: Rights and Wrongs”

David Piachaud of the London School of Economics last November published an article claiming to successfully refute Philippe van Parijs’ famous argument for basic income from his 1991 paper “Why Surfers Should be Fed: The Liberal Case for an Unconditional Basic Income.” He claims that the fatal flaw of van Parijs’ argument is that he does not take into account the crucial distinction between the voluntarily and involuntarily unemployed. Unfortunately, Piachaud overlooks or underestimates van Parijs’ lucid explanation of why both are entitled to the basic income. In this article, I try to show why van Parijs’ argument is unaffected by Piachaud’s critique.

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Video: Basic Income and the Work of Karl Widerquist

Karl Widerquist’s August 2016 presentation on Armando F Sanchez Production. An analysis on how extensive the governmental economic policies are and yet fail to meet the needs of the poor. Guaranteed basic income extends beyond the issue of permanent unemployment. It is a vital issue of ethics and social justice for those that are born in a time where they

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Will liberals be our allies in the struggle for basic income?

Before beginning this essay, let me describe the people about whom I am speaking when I use the term “liberal”. In the American 21st century context, I am essentially describing the people you would likely find in the leadership of the Democratic party. Despite the conservative view of mainstream liberals as radical socialists, they are, at most, cautious reformers. Even that probably

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