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STRATHCLYDE, SCOTLAND: Guy Standing on Basic Income and the Needs of Children (Nov 23)

On November 23, BIEN co-founder and honorary co-president Professor Guy Standing (SOAS, University of London) will deliver the 14th annual Kilbrandon Lecture in Strathclyde, Scotland. Then, on November 24, Standing will deliver a lecture on his new book, The Corruption of Capitalism, at the University of Strathclyde.

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SCOTLAND: Guy Standing to deliver Angus Millar Lecture for RSA

Tuesday, May 17, 2016, Professor Guy Standing will deliver the RSA Scotland’s prestigious Angus Millar Lecture. In the lecture, “Professor Standing will explore the concept of Basic Income, particularly in relation to Scotland, which has gone from being a fringe political concept to one being discussed and piloted around the world.” Guy Standing is a Professor of Development Studies at

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Pat Kane, “Is the ‘Glasgow Effect’ within control of those with no power in their lives?”

Kane’s article focuses on Ellie Harrison’s project in Glasgow where she has received £15,000 from Creative Scotland to fund a year-long exploration of an artist’s livelihood in one city. While many have critiqued Harrison’s project as a waste of money, Kane believes it is setting the tone for future discussions about similar basic incomes for all citizens, not just Harrison.

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Peter Geoghegan, “Is a citizen’s income for everyone an idea whose time has come?”

Geoghegan’s article serves as a very thorough introduction to basic income. He begins by discussing the recent commitment to a basic income pilot project in Utrecht, the Netherlands, and he then continues within the Scottish context by interviewing two major academics on the subject, Danny Dorling and Malcolm Torry. Peter Geoghegan, “Is a citizen’s income for everyone an idea whose

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Pat Kane, “Terminal Redundancy in Digital Age”

Pat Kane argues: “A basic income may be the way to support those displaced by robots and automation to develop their machine-resistant skills. It might also need a collective revaluing of those caring and creative skills in the first place. Which small nation can you think of that might be capable of such a patient and sustained revaluing? Right, first

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SCOTLAND: Obituary and Commemorative Conference for Alisa McKay

Professor Alisa McKay had been a feminist and a vocal advocate of BIG. She was not only a good academic but also a good campaigner. She died 5th March 2014. An obituary by Anne Miller is published in “Citizen’s Income Newsletter, Issue 2, 2014”. The commemorative conference for her took place in 22 and 23 January 2015, at Glasgow Caledonian

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